- Samsung Electronics unveils the Galaxy S8 in April

By Yun Sang-ho


[Digital Daily]

Seoul, Korea, January 5, 2017- The LG G6 is likely to be the highlight of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, which is to open in late February this year in Barcelona, Spain.
LG Electronics has decided to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the G6, during MWC 2017, while Samsung Electronics has delayed the schedule for launching the Galaxy 8 in the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery problem. Accordingly, attention is being focused on LG’s advantage as a first mover.

Sources close to LG Electronics said on January 2 that the company plans to hold an unveiling event for the G6 prior to the opening of MWC 2017. MWC is the biggest mobile industry event in the world and one of the global top 3 technology events along with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held every January and the IFA or International Funkausstellung Berlin consumer electronics tech show in September. LG Electronics unveiled the G5 during MWC 2016.

One LG official said that LG Electronics will have its CEO for mobile communications Cho Jun-ho unveil the G6 in Barcelona prior to the opening of MWC 2017 on February 26. The new smartphone will be on sale in March right after the event.

On the other hand, an official of Samsung Electronics said that it would be difficult for Samsung to launch the Galaxy 8 during MWC 2017 since it would be too early to unveil the phone in February when the company is able to mass produce the phone at the end of March at the earliest.

Samsung Galaxy S phones have long been the main focus of MWC. The company has unveiled most of its flagship smartphones during MWC since the introduction of the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S5. Samsung’s unveiling shows have drawn the attention of international media and visitors. But this year, the company fails to schedule the timing of the launching show with MWC in the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery problem. Samsung launched the device last August but stopped its production and sales last October following reports of battery fires. The phones are still recalled throughout the world, while investigations are underway on the causes. Samsung has not fully recovered from the blow. The company seemingly delayed the unveiling show, judging that a new product launched under the current situation may fail to gain consumer confidence.

Meanwhile, attention is focused on LG’s prospective market performance in March. At this rate, there will be no new produces either from Samsung or Apple in the month. Moreover, LG plans to introduce new low-end handsets this month, including K series phones. It may serve for LG as a good chance to recover its share in the industry. Recovery of the share in the high-end phone market can help it prepare for a rebound.

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